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Yo-yo Effect Is Dangerous

by Fred Dekker / Jul 16, 2016 / category : lose weight / 2989 views
Yo-yo Effect Is Dangerous

 The regained weight is increasingly difficult to lose

Your body remembers the effects of deprivation caused by diet succession over a long period of time, therefore resulting to store more fats in reserve to prepare for future diets.

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 It is a progressive development of obesity

Your weight will bounce back in an extreme manner and the recovering process is twice as difficult as previous diet process. You will feel out of control and lose grasp on the long run. Thus resulting in a rocketing weight gain, leading to obesity.

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 Emotional distress leading to depressive disorders

The suppression from previous extreme diets is bound to happen due to depressive disorders like insomnia, depression, dysthymia, bipolar. Such disorders will interfere with your daily life, affecting your normal functioning and cause pain to you and your loved ones.

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 Possibility of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gall bladder disease, or cardiovascular disease (arteritis, infarction, etc)

Inconsistent food intake, unbalanced nutrition, on and off extreme exercise workouts, and emotional instability will eventually drive your body haywire. Your body won’t be able to familiarize itself towards all the changes done within an inconsistent timeframe and manner.

 A shortened life expectancy

All the above dangers will eventually lead to possibility of a shortened life span.

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