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Star Diet Mantras And Tricks

by Justice Smith / Nov 14, 2016 / category : lose weight / 9008 views
Star Diet Mantras And Tricks

Don’t you agree that having the dream body you have always desired can help you feel stronger and more in control? It helps to boost your confidence, selfesteem and mood.

So if you’re looking for inspiration to start eating healthy, why not follow your favorite celebrity’s diet regimes, since they often serve as an example for everything else?

 green tea weight loss 2

These Hollywood stars have got a few neat tricks up their sleeves, which could easily be incorporated in your lifestyle.

You don’t have to resort to the harsh menus or strict diet fads for skin that defies your age.

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• Nicki Minaj - No Sugar or Starch

She lost 10 pounds by giving up Snickers and sides of potatoes. Three days before a big shoot, she says: “I just cut out sugar and starch.”

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• Hilary Duff - Treat Yourself

She does boxing drills and runs a lot. She eats a lot of chicken but she rewards herself too - “I love wine.”

• Kaley Cuoco - No Alcohol

She skips alcohol for a lean body. “Alcohol bloats us... I’ve become a little bit more aware of what goes in my body.” She also works out four to five times a week, yoga, horseback riding, etc.

 green tea weight loss 5

• Jennifer Lopez - Cardio All The Time

She lost 8 pounds by eating lean meat, broccoli and carrots. “You realize how much you don’t need the butter and bread to be healthy. You need the greens! When i eat better, I feel better.”

• Jessica Simpson - Oatmeal and Small Portions

 green tea weight loss 6

She eats small portions of chicken and oatmeal. She also does strength training sessions three times a week.

• Miranda Lambert - Everything in Moderation

She plans her daily intake. If her breakfast is high in calories, she picks a lowcalorie dinner like grilled chicken and sweet potatoes. She still snacks on her must-have-snacks, Cheetos, by doing daily hour-long cardio drills.

• Ashey Tisdale - Breakfast

She always starts her day with fresh fruit, an egg white omelette, and wholewheat toast.

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