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Self Motivation Tips

by Simon Lee / Jul 18, 2016 / category : lose weight / 11044 views
Self Motivation Tips

A major component of making a weight loss program work for you involves self-motivation. Without it, you will struggle continuously with every challenge that comes your way; being self-motivated is a mindset, and it will become easier with practice. You’ll be able to set both short-term and longterm goals when you encourage yourself to get through each challenge, setback, or even in setting new goals. Knowing how to push yourself hard will take some time, and it will be a process of trial and error.

Being able to track and monitor your results will be a big part of knowing how to move ahead with your goals. Starting with a journal or log, you can understand where your weaknesses may be, and then work from there. This is also a great time to highlight your strengths. Find out what motivates you and keeps you going; this is the best time to boost your competitive spirit and put that positive energy to good use.

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Remember that even the greatest workout will be futile if you are not motivated enough to stick with it. You’ll need to know where your strengths are, and build up from there. If you’re not good at a particular activity, move onto something that you are more comfortable with. You’ll need to start with a plan, and slowly progress so that your muscles and heart are not adapting to the same routine. This is surprisingly easy to do, and you’ll simply need to increase the intensity over a period of a few weeks.

For weight workouts, you’ll need to add reps and sets, along with progressive weight. As you get more fit, you’ll find that you’re performing each set in les time. Using a heavier weight will also increase the intensity and effectiveness of your workout; overloading your muscles intermittently will provide you with a foundation for boosting your capacity and endurance; weight loss will become easier and easier.

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For aerobic conditioning, you’ll need to switch up the routine every few weeks. Your body has the unique ability to adapt very quickly, and if you’re running at the same pace for the same distance week after week, you won’t be maximizing your efforts. Stay self motivated to increase your endurance and stamina at each interval, and you will be rewarded.

Consistency will help you stay motivated and rely on a gradual weight loss program naturally. Whether you’re at the gym, or at home, developing your own program or system will help you stick with a routine without sabotaging your fitness goals. Visualization can help as well; before starting any new fitness routine, visualize how you will step through the routine. It will become much easier to complete it, and you set some clear and specific goals in this way.

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Progress will be your ultimate motivator when it comes to staying in shape during your weight loss program. When you start seeing results in the mirror and in your clothes, you’ll enjoy continuing down the path of success. Many people make the mistake of just looking at the scales; remember that muscle weighs much more than fat, so the numbers can be misleading. Don’t look at just the scale, but encourage yourself from the overall effect and changes you see visually. When those pants start getting looser, you know that the inches lost are from your hard work.

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