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Lunch Tips For Weight Loss

by Derek Connolly / Nov 09, 2017 / category : lose weight / 11066 views
Lunch Tips For Weight Loss

Your lunch menu needs to offer variety and balanced nutrition; it will help you avoid snacking throughout the day, and can help keep your energy levels stable throughout the late afternoon. Eating too much at lunch will leave you fatigued and out of energy; this is the most common pitfall of people trying to lose weight, and making sure you get plenty of protein at this meal can help you stay on track. Some healthy lunch choices and options might include:

• Tuna salad sandwich with a small garden salad
• A veggie-stir fry burrito
• Chicken salad with low fat dressing
• Your favorite baked vegetable and side salad
• Fresh fruit salad with a smoothie
• Bean burrito
• Zucchini and avocado stuffed tortilla
• Low fat cheese quesadilla with salsa
• Baked chicken pizza
• Tofu and tomato salad sandwich
• Stuffed pita pockets
• Salmon salad

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Avoid heavy pasta and meat dishes during lunch hour, and you’ll be helping your metabolism stay in high gear throughout the day. A side salad during this meal can always help you get more fruits and vegetables into your daily fare.

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