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Dessert Tips For Weight Loss

by Jane Sterling / Aug 08, 2017 / category : lose weight / 7404 views
Dessert Tips For Weight Loss

If you have a sweet tooth, dessert can be the hardest challenge when it comes to weight loss. The good news is there are plenty of dessert options available. From fresh fruit platters to low fat yogurt, it’s fairly easy to whip up something that will curb your sweet tooth for the night. Some healthy dessert ideas may include:

• A fruit and yogurt parfait
• Fruit and low-fat cheese platter
• Sugar-free jello and fresh fruit
• Chilled fruit cups with some fat-free whipped cream
• Angel food cake with strawberries
• Low fat frozen vanilla yogurt
• Frozen strawberries or grapes
• A medium-sized smoothie
• Low fat dark chocolate mousse
• A piece of dark chocolate
• Lemon sorbet
• Coffee granite

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If you really can’t control your craving for sweets, remember that moderation will help you reach your goals more effectively than complete elimination.

Adding a treat or two to your weekly plan won’t ruin everything, so try and pick your favorites and savor a bite or two.

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