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Your Television Viewing Might Keep You Awake

by Shane Black / Dec 18, 2017 / category : insomnia / 1787 views
Your Television Viewing Might Keep You Awake

Watching an exciting movie in the evening is a favored way for many people to relax after a long day of work. They look forward to getting home, having dinner and then sitting down to be entertained. After hours of watching television, they decide to turn in for the night and instead of falling fast asleep, they spend the next several hours rolling around in their bed, suffering from insomnia.

When we watch something exciting or thrilling on television, our adrenaline gets pumped up and it becomes difficult to calm ourselves down to a point where sleep comes easy. Our minds also become engaged and trying to quiet that down can be a problem, especially if what we were watching was troubling or upsetting. If our emotions are running high and the end of the day is near, we might either lose sleep because it takes longer to fall asleep or we suffer from insomnia and wake up the next morning having had little or no sleep.

 sleep insomnia 2

We don’t always associate our insomnia with what we’ve done in the evening. Instead we attribute it to work problems or other worries. That is true at times but it might be that our minds wander to other things as we lay in bed unable to sleep because we’ve been so stimulated by our viewing choices. Television has a direct impact on a person’s emotions and if you’ve spent the last two hours before bed watching a horror movie, your heart has raced enough that simply falling fast asleep is no longer an option.

If you feel as though you might be losing sleep because of what you are watching in the evening, finding another activity might be the key you need to a full eight hours of straight sleep.

 sleep insomnia 3

Some suggested alternatives are:
* Reading a book or a magazine. Choose something that you find genuinely interesting to read, this will help you relax and will aid in sleep.
* Play a board or card game with your family. Spending time with those you are closest to is a perfect way to wind down your day.
* Take a warm bath. Immersing your body in a tub full of warm water helps to relax your muscles and soothes the body helping with sleep.
* Take a walk. Getting outside and exercising can tire you out enough that you’ll drift quickly off to sleep.

Mental stimulation is important when it comes to driving, studying and learning. There are moments in our days when we have to be completely alert and awake. One time we don’t want that to happen is in the evening as we get into bed. Your evening activities can be a precursor for whether or not you’ll suffer from insomnia.

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Choose to spend your time before bed doing something relaxing that allows you to calm down and prepare your body for a full night’s rest. Exciting activities are better left to earlier in the day when you want and need to be wide awake.

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