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Who Has Insomnia?

by Jane Sterling / Apr 13, 2017 / category : Insomnia / 10113 views
Who Has Insomnia?

Studies have estimated that around one-third of all American and European adults have some insomnia during each year. About 10% or 20% of them suffer severe sleepless problems. It has also been shown that many (about 90%) who have depression suffer from insomnia.

Individuals who have physical complaints, such as headaches and chronic pain with no identifiable cause also complain of insomnia. One study took place where patients who had these complaints were treated for a sleep disorder only and over 65% of those treated said that their headaches were cured.

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Others who may suffer from insomnia are those who travel frequently, particularly those who cross time zones in their travel, and people who have post-traumatic stress syndrome.

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