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To Cure Insomnia Only Sleep In Bed

by Derek Connolly / Feb 01, 2018 / category : Insomnia / 650 views
To Cure Insomnia Only Sleep In Bed

Our beds are such a place of welcoming comfort. Many people like to sit in bed and eat dinner  while watching television or study for a test while nestled under the covers.

Although these scenarios bring up visions of cozy comfort, they are not visions that someone  who suffers from insomnia should be having. One of the causes of insomnia can be what you  are doing in your bed.

 difficulty sleeping 2

If you are a person who spends more time in bed than just when you sleep, you may be setting  yourself up for an insomnia problem. Our beds become associated with certain things and if  those things involve us being stimulated, when it comes to sleeping our beds, that might be  difficult to do.

Many people enjoy sitting in bed and watching television late at night. As they are under the  covers, all dressed in their nightclothes, they are stimulating their minds with the program they  are watching. When it comes time to turn the television and the lights off, sleep might not come  easy. There mind is still associating what they saw on television with their bed.

 difficulty sleeping 3

For people who do occasionally suffer from insomnia, making an effort to save their time in bed  for only sleep or intimacy with their partner might be what they need to do. Our bodies natural  want to be in bed to sleep and if that’s all that we are doing there, it becomes a trigger. Once we  are in bed, the desire to sleep sets in and we drift off.

If instead we’ve been eating, watching television, studying or reading there, those associations  may take over and the need to sleep takes a back seat. Save your bed for what it is designed  for and you’ll find that insomnia won’t have a place there either.

 difficulty sleeping 4

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