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The Risks Of Sleep Deprivation

by Simon Lee / Jun 21, 2017 / category : insomnia / 4032 views
The Risks Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation puts you and many others at risk. If you haven’t thought about the fact that when you don’t sleep others can suffer you should. There are many cases in which individuals die each year because they’ve gotten behind a wheel of a car when they were simply too tired to actually drive well. There are other things that are affected in your body when you don’t get the rest that you should as well. Each offers its own risks and without considering them, you could put yourself in even more danger.

Consider these risks that you face being sleep deprived.

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• Your mental awareness is not there. You simply can not function correctly because your brain is unable to focus on what needs to be completed. That means that your concentration is off, your memory is not working well and you are more likely to be less effective when you communicate. You can’t make decisions that you need to and you can’t solve problems put in front of you.

• Mood swings are very common in those that are sleep deprived. You may have anxiety and increased stress levels because of this lack of sleep, too. But, the problem here is two fold. If you are stressed because you can’t sleep, you won’t be able to sleep. A cycle can form here that could cause additional problems over the long run.

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• Your immune system is weakened. If you are suffering from sleep depravation, then it is likely that your immune system won’t be working well. You become more likely to suffer from illnesses and to have more serious illnesses as well.

Sleep depravation can cause a number of problems for you over the course of the time that you are suffering. Without help, additional health problems can happen!

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