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Sleep Disorder Clinics

by Simon Lee / Feb 11, 2018 / category : Insomnia / 414 views
Sleep Disorder Clinics

Sleep disorder clinics are designed to diagnose sleep disorders and give you  ways to overcome insomnia. It might be intimidating to think about going to a  clinic and trying to sleep with others watching you, but this is one specific reason  these clinics succeed in finding answers.

Once it has been determined that you should attend such a clinic, you may  wonder what to expect. Basically, you will be participating in a sleep study test  that records your physical state while you sleep and through the various stages.  In this way, the technicians (or sleep specialists) can evaluate your specific  complaints and check your blood oxygen level, muscle tone, heart rate, and all  other general sleep behavior.

 sleep disorder clinic 2

Follow all instructions from the clinic personnel regarding preparing yourself for  the test. This may include limiting coffee intake and such things. Which brings up  what you should bring with you when you go in for testing:

• Nightgown, pajamas or any comfortable sleep wear
 • Your favorite pillow or blanket
 • Toiletries
 • A change of clothes
 • Any medications you normally use
 • A book, magazine or other reading materials

 sleep disorder clinic 3

Be sure to remove any nail polish and artificial nails and don’t wear any make-up.  This leaves a clean surface for any equipment that may be attached to monitor  your sleep. On the day of the test itself, wash and dry your hair. This aids in  preventing the electrodes that will be attached from sticking to your scalp.

Don’t let the fact of so many attachments of equipment scare you. Surprisingly, it has not proven to make it difficult to sleep and the tests to go forward.

 sleep disorder clinic 4

Once you are changed and ready to get into bed, you will have electrodes placed  in specific areas. They are applied with easily removed glue and tape. These  record brain waves, muscle movement, eye movement during sleep and other  factors. A microphone will be attached to your neck to record snoring or other sounds you make while sleeping.

Despite the fact that you will be observed on a television monitor while you sleep,  after the lights go out, very few patients say they have trouble falling asleep.

In the morning when you are awakened, all the equipment is removed. Then you  will go and make an appointment with a sleep specialist to review the results of your tests.

Based on the results, and with the help of your sleep specialist or doctor,  treatment will be recommended. It depends on the type of disorder you are having, but there are many solutions.

 sleep disorder clinic 5

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