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Sleep Deprivation: What Happens To Your Body?

by Fred Dekker / Dec 27, 2017 / category : insomnia / 4473 views
Sleep Deprivation: What Happens To Your Body?

Sleep deprivation effects millions of adults each day, with ever increasing numbers. If you haven’t considered all of the different things that can happen to you when you are sleep deprived, consider it. Your body’s function is severely limited. Your mind can not concentrate. Your body doesn’t feel right. You don’t remember why you walked into a room. Your muscles physically hurt even though you don’t think that you’ve done anything to cause them to be like this.

Sleep deprivation is a very much a concern for your health. When your body does not get the right amount of sleep, it can not do all that you need and want it to do effectively. When this happens over a period of time, the risks are increased considerably. Consider what happens to the body, for example, in a person that is suffering from sleep deprivation.

 sleep deprivation effects 2

• The brain doesn’t get enough rest. This in turn affects the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex can’t do its job.

• Without it functioning properly, the frontal cortex can not aid you in speaking clearly, in accessing your memory, and in solving the problems that you present it with.

 sleep deprivation effects 3

• On the physical side, there is a problem with energy. The body does not provide enough energy to the body to perform tasks.

• Without the sleep it needs, the body physically becomes that of an elderly person. Movement is limited and weakened.

 sleep deprivation effects 4

• Early signs of disease including diabetes begin to surface. That’s become the body can not metabolize glucose correctly.

What is important for you to realize is that when a person rests even when some or all of these symptoms and effects are evident, the end result is that they can go away. When this goes on over a long period of time, though, the body continues to weaken and often is put at risk both in health terms as well as in terms of physical danger.

Those that face sleep deprivation shouldn’t just write it off as being something that just requires rest. You shouldn’t say that one day you’ll rest. The longer it goes on, the worse the effect on the body can be. Driving, using machines, or just working in a physical environment can pose as life threatening. Sleep deprivation affects your body and your brain significantly.

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