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Natural Cures for Insomnia : Sleeping Partners

by Biene Maja / Mar 18, 2017 / category : insomnia / 1924 views
Natural Cures for Insomnia : Sleeping Partners

Now that we have considered your bedroom, your attire and even the music you choose, there is another highly important factor that can be ruining your sleep. Regardless of whether you are sharing a bed with someone or if you have housemates, other people can adversely affect your sleep patterns.

If the people you are with are noisy, distracting or tend to have irregular sleeping habits, this can affect you.

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For example, even though you make it a point to get into bed early, a partner that gets back in the small hours of the morning before running the shower and then finally getting into bed is bound to disrupt your sleep more than you realize.

While this factor may be a little more sensitive than the others discussed, you nevertheless have to handle this problem by at least talking to the person involved. Tell them you have problems sleeping, that you need your sleep to function properly and ask whether they would mind trying to be a little quieter.

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However, even if they agree to be more considerate, it is not likely to last long, so consider this to be a temporary ‘truce’ and seek alternative sleeping arrangements. This might mean you need to sleep in separate rooms or you might even move to a completely different part of the building where you know their activities will not intrude your sleep.

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