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Natural Cures for Insomnia : Room Conditions

by Fred Dekker / Jul 08, 2016 / category : insomnia / 4530 views
Natural Cures for Insomnia : Room Conditions

This is the first and most important ‘ingredient’ in the mix that ensures a good night’s sleep. Many people assume that as long as there is a bed to lie down in, sleep will come. That is wrong, because what is around you also has an affect.

For one thing, study your room temperature. Are you really comfortable sleeping in its present ambient temperature? Does your room need more ventilation?

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If the windows do not ventilate the bedroom adequately, you could try leaving the door open during the day or installing a ventilating fan in addition to an air conditioner or ceiling fan that you already have.

Talking about ceiling fans, make sure the one you have is not one that creaks with every turn. The creaking itself is enough to keep you awake through the night although you may not be consciously aware of it. The thing to do is remove any items that make distracting noises.

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While you may not be aware of these noises during the day, they will become much more apparent at night when everything else is quiet. This includes ticking clocks or air fresheners that make noises.

In the recent past, it has become the habit of an increasing number of hard-pressed people to “get some work done” while in bed, just before shutting their eyes. If you are having sleep problems, this is just about the worst thing that you can do.

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Your bedroom is meant for sleep, relaxation and renewal. Carrying the pressure of a deadline (be it in the form of a laptop or paperwork) to bed with you is going to put even more pressure on you. No matter how important the deadline is, ignore it and makes sure that you set aside some other space in your home to get your work done.

Even if you have a small studio apartment, assign a table or a workstation away from your sleeping area. If you have a desktop computer, television or a powerful stereo in your bedroom, have these removed. A stereo can be kept in your room if you are using it to play soft, soothing music that will induce your sleep, but anything else is an interruption you do not need.

How bright is bright? When it comes to a bedroom, the less light there is, the better it will allow you to rest. If you have windows that have street light streaming in, opt for thick curtains that will shut light out.

This also applies if you work the night shift and need your sleep during the day, because room darkening curtains that will keep the sunlight out of your room are needed. You can also get an eye mask that helps keep the light out. There are various kinds including those that come with eye gel or aromatherapy oils which also help to soothe your tired eyes, giving you a better chance of sleep.

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Thinking about the ‘brightness’ of your room also includes making sure you have the right color of paint on your bedroom walls. You should also note the colors of your sheets. While bright colors might represent the passionate personality that you know you have, think again when picking bright, bold colors for your bedroom. Soothing tones of cream, vanilla, baby shades or plain white exude calmness which will help a great deal in getting some much needed sleep.

Also known as Chromatherapy, the notion of careful color selection is based on the idea that the seven rainbow colors have healing energies that ensure you retain optimal health. Believe it or not, selecting the right colors can make a big difference to your sleep. Below is a list of the colors and the feelings they can induce, as described in an ancient system of Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Decide what suits your personality and how you can introduce it to your sleeping area:

• Violet can enlighten you while providing you with spiritual awakening. It is also known to soothe and relax your muscles while calming your nervous system.
• Indigo sedates and calms you while giving you a sense of intuition. Incidentally, it helps to control bleeding.
• Blue induces communication and knowledge while eliminating toxins which can in turn promote better liver functions.
• Green is associated with having balance. Ayurvedic practitioners use green to treat bacterial functions as well.
• Yellow is often associated with wisdom and clarity. It also provides properties that stimulate the digestive and lymphatic systems.
• Orange can induce pleasure, sexual stimulation and enthusiasm. Traditionally, it is believed that it eases the digestive system.
• Red exudes energy and passion. In some cases, it is believed (although not medically proven) that it can improve circulation while stimulating red blood cell production as well.

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Viewed from the opposite perspective, some people have trouble sleeping in a completely pitch dark room. It makes them feel disoriented. Opt for a small light to be switched on. If you have a connecting bathroom, leave the light on or get a night light. The soft light will not affect your sleep, unlike a regular fluorescent light that can keep you awake more than you should be.

Now that you have considered what to do inside your room, let’s take a look outside to consider what external factors might be disturbing you.

Is your bedroom located within hearing distance of a road with heavy traffic? Perhaps you have noisy neighbors who wake up earlier than you and become a distraction?

There is a simple way of getting around noise that you cannot control. Go to your nearest pharmacy and purchase ear plugs. There are several kinds available and they are very reasonably priced. Some may seem a little uncomfortable at first but you can keep trying out a few until you find those that are a comfortable fit.

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