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How Serious is Insomnia?

by Emilie Mayer / Feb 05, 2018 / category : Insomnia / 303 views
How Serious is Insomnia?

Most everyone with insomnia complain of attention and memory problems. They  also experience more irritability, make more mistakes on the job, and have  poorer relationships with their family than people who sleep well.

In addition to more daytime sleepiness, insomnia can affect you waking behavior.  You may have reduced concentration, perform tasks less adeptly, have a poor  learning curve. Where stress and depression can cause insomnia, it has been  shown that stress and the effects of it on the body can actually produce  emotional problems.

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In the US, there are around 1,500 deaths from accidents caused by falling asleep  at the wheel. In fact, per some studies, driving when drowsy is as risky as drunk  driving.

But rest assured, insomnia is virtually never lethal except in rare cases. There is  one genetic disorder called fatal familial insomnia. In this rare degenerative  disease, the individual develops severe and unmanageable insomnia, which  eventually becomes fatal.

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Insomnia definitely takes its toll on the body and lack of sleep does a lot more  than make us tired. It can even result in serious health problems. While there  are many signs to watch for to judge if you have insomnia, you may need professional help to fully determine if you are suffering from insomnia.

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