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Exercises That Fight Insomnia

by Justice Smith / Feb 01, 2018 / category : insomnia / 651 views
Exercises That Fight Insomnia

If you’ve ever spent an entire day outside running around, chasing your children or taking a  hike, you probably found it easy to fall asleep. Insomnia wasn’t nagging at you after you’d  exhausted your body through physical activity.

For some people though that rule doesn’t apply to them. Intense physical activity while working  the muscles and getting the heartbeat up, can work as a stimulant and instead of drifting easily  to sleep, a person can find themselves wide awake fighting insomnia.

 effects of insomnia 2

Keeping our bodies active is important. Not just for the obvious physical benefits but also  because regular exercise can be a natural cure for insomnia. It’s important to choose exercises  that will work towards the goal of sleep as opposed to the exercises that energize you to a point  that sleep becomes almost impossible.

Yoga is a method of exercise that people have been doing for centuries. It involves a series of  stretches and breathing exercises that work to tone the body from the inside out. Most cities  offer several choices in yoga programs. Often many yoga studios even offer a free drop-in  class. This helps you become familiar with the program and the series of stretches that are  involved. If it’s something that you enjoy you can quickly incorporate it into your fitness regime  and before long you’ll feel the positive benefits in relation to your sleep patterns as well.

 effects of insomnia 3

Walking is a great exercise to combat insomnia as well. With walking though timing is very  important. You don’t want to go for a long and strenuous walk shortly before you are retiring for  the evening. During the walk your heartbeat will have become elevated and many of your  muscles will be tight. If you go from moving at a steady pace to trying to lay silently in the bed,  chances are that sleep will elude you for at least a couple of hours. Your body truly does need a  cooling off period, so the benefits of walking in relation to insomnia can be most profound if the  walking is done earlier in the day.

Another exercise that has a positive result when it comes to insomnia is swimming. Swimming  at a steady pace up and down the length of the pool allows your muscles to be worked out  gently and the water offers a soothing quality that many other exercise regimes don’t. Also, if  you are swimming at a public facility, they also often offer free use of a sauna or a hot tub. Both  of these allow your body to relax and can help prepare you for sleep.

 effects of insomnia 4

Exercise can be a great way to naturally fight insomnia, however the success of that depends a  great deal on the type of exercise. Pick something not too strenuous that is soothing and allows  you to easily shift from the activity to preparing for bed. If you make exercise a regular part of  your evening routine, you’ll find yourself waking up to a night free of insomnia.

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