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What Are Hemorrhoids And Explanation

by Biene Maja / Oct 22, 2017 / category : hemorrhoids / 10224 views
What Are Hemorrhoids And Explanation

Hemorrhoids are also called ‘piles’; a swelling of veins in the anus and rectum.

Hemorrhoids are a very difficult and painful condition. It can restrict your movements and interfere with your daily routine.

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They are a common problem with about fifty to seventy-five percent of Americans affected sometime during their lives.

They are due to inflammation and swelling of the veins around the anus or lower rectum which disturbs the tissues, fibers, arteries, muscles containing blood vessels in the area of the rectum and the anal canal.

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The burning sensation which comes with hemorrhoids causes discomfort, itching and, often, some pain.

Hemorrhoids could make you falsely believe that you passed an incomplete bowel movement.

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The location of the hemorrhoids affects the level of discomfort. Sometimes, they could go away after a short time but the discomfort can persist.

Professional medical advice should be obtained as early as possible to ensure that possible complications are minimized.

Hemorrhoids may cause a mucus discharge which irritates the skin surrounding the anal region. The irritation persists as the skin in the anal region is very sensitive.


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Hemorrhoidal veins are present in the anal canal, rectum and anus. Hemorrhoids develop due to above-normal pressure on the pelvic veins which could be due to constipation, diarrhea, obesity, or pregnancy

The pressure causes the pelvic veins to swell and grow out of shape. The pressure also weakens tissues supporting the veins around the anal canal.

The tissues become so weak that they are unable to hold the hemorrhoidal veins in place. When the swollen tissues and veins bulge out of the anal opening, they are called “external hemorrhoids”.

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In less extreme cases, these tissues and veins develop as “internal hemorrhoids” in the anal canal.

Internal hemorrhoids are more difficult to identify as they remain inside the rectum and may show no symptoms.

You might detect an internal hemorrhoid if you notice blood in your stool. Sometimes, the internal hemorrhoid comes out of the anal opening. Then, it is termed a prolapsed hemorrhoid.

When a clot forms in an external hemorrhoid, due to a rupture, this is called a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

Alternatively, it can be external hemorrhoids, under the skin around the anus. Hemorrhoids can be classified into four varying levels according to the severity of the condition.

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