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How Hemorrhoids Are Diagnosed

by Biene Maja / Feb 01, 2018 / category : hemorrhoids / 8155 views
How Hemorrhoids Are Diagnosed

Hemorrhoids do not usually require any complicated tests or diagnostic  procedures.

The diagnosis of hemorrhoids is normally from a fairly straight-forward  examination of your medical history and a physical examination of the anal  region.

 internal hemorrhoids pain 2

Your doctor must find and then evaluate the size and location of the  hemorrhoids to decide on the suitable treatment plan according to the  severity of the hemorrhoid.

External hemorrhoids are visible on the outside of the  anal canal, around the anus.

 internal hemorrhoids pain 3

Internal hemorrhoids are present within the anal canal  but are not visible from outside the body.  If many of your family members suffer from  hemorrhoids, you could be more likely than the average  person to develop them yourself.

Diagnostic Examination

 internal hemorrhoids pain 4

Often, hemorrhoids do not require any detailed diagnostic tests.  Your doctor could first examine the anus and rectum for indications of  swollen vessels.

Your doctor will also probably perform a digital rectal examination with a  gloved and lubricated finger to check for any abnormalities that might  indicate hemorrhoidal growth.

The Anoscope

Doctors use an Anoscope for closer evaluation of the rectum. This is a  hollow, lighted tube used for viewing the internal hemorrhoids. The anoscope    is placed in your anus so that the doctor can view the inside of the anus and  rectum thoroughly.

 internal hemorrhoids pain 5

The process may be uncomfortable for you, but there is no need for any  sedatives. Normally, doctors perform an anoscopy in their office which  relieves you of the necessity and expense of going to a hospital.

The Proctoscope

If your doctor wants a clearer examination, they could do a proctoscope  examination. This instrument gives them the opportunity for a complete  examination of the entire rectum.

 internal hemorrhoids pain 6

If you suffer from significant bleeding and have had severe blood loss,  doctors would advise a complete blood count.

This can also help your doctor assess whether or not you are anemic.  If you have severe bleeding and other significant hemorrhoidal symptoms,  the doctors could make more detailed diagnostic tests, involving  sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. These procedures involve the use of  instruments called the Sigmoidoscope and Colonoscope.

They are flexible instruments with a light at the end of a long tube. They help  doctors to look into the lower part of the colon or the entire colon.

Doctors first conduct a complete sigmoidoscopic examination of the lower  part of the colon.

Then, if they believe it is necessary, your doctor will make a colonoscopic  examination of the entire colon.

These procedures may help he doctor to diagnose the exact cause for your  rectal bleeding. Rectal bleeding might be due to hemorrhoids or other causes  like inflammatory intestinal diseases or colorectal cancer.

In some cases, the doctor could advise a Barium enema to detect  hemorrhoids. This can help them to check whether other diseases, like colon  cancer, are causing your symptoms.

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