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Causes Of Hemorrhoids

by Derek Connolly / Feb 11, 2018 / category : hemorrhoids / 281 views
Causes Of Hemorrhoids


Diet rich in processed food with less of fresh fruits and vegetables is a major  cause for hemorrhoids. Consumption of lots of refined flour, animal proteins,  fiber-depleted carbohydrates, and sugar reduces roughage and therefore  your stools become hard and difficult to pass. This leads to hemorrhoids.

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Strained Bowel Movement

Forced bowel movement either trying too hard or for too long can cause  hemorrhoids. Such strained bowel movement could be due to constipation,  diarrhea, or poor bathroom habits. Squatting toilets makes it easier for  smooth bowel movements.

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Postponing Bowel Movement

You could occasionally postpone a bowel movement if there are no proper  facilities in the vicinity. This does not cause any great problem. However, if  you are regularly in the habit of postponing bowel movements, eventually,  fecal matter within the intestines gets dried up and consequently harder. This  then strains while passing and therefore leads to hemorrhoids. Further, fecal  matter within colon pressurizes muscles and veins in the anal region. This  causes swelling of veins around the anus and rectum.

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Some people inherit weak vein walls. This could lead to hemorrhoids,  although this alone may not be the deciding factor. Weak vein walls  combined with long hours of standing or sitting or poor bathroom habits can  lead to hemorrhoids.


During pregnancy, the extra weight of the uterus walls weighs down on the  rectal veins. Further, a long and painful labor causes increased pressure on  the anal region. This could lead to constipation in women without any  previous complaints. However, if you already have hemorrhoids, pregnancy  can worsen your problem. This problem worsens in the final trimester.

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Constipation and Diarrhea

Both can cause hemorrhoids. Constipation is difficulty in passing stools due  to hardening causing excessive straining. Diarrhea causes excessive passing  of watery stools due to any adverse reaction. This damages rectal veins and  leads to hemorrhoids.


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Rectal cancer can lead to hemorrhoids. Rectal cancer prompts or causes an  urge to defecate often, although you do not actually defecate. This  unnecessary and frequent strain causes excessive pressure on your veins and  leads to hemorrhoids.

Other diseases like heart ailments, liver diseases, irritable bowel syndrome,  and intestinal tumors can indirectly cause hemorrhoids.

Lack of Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle with almost very little movement of muscles causes  your muscles to lose their elasticity. This makes bowel movements difficult.  This is a common problem in the elderly and sick people. Similarly, some  jobs require you to sit or stand for very prolonged periods. This also causes  hemorrhoids.


Being overweight causes several problems, hemorrhoids being one of them.  Excess weight in the pelvic and abdomen region increases pressure on the  pelvic veins. This leads to hemorrhoids.

Other Possible Causes of Hemorrhoids

Other factors which may be linked to the occurrence of hemorrhoids with  some patients may include vitamin deficiency, frequent use of laxatives,  hypertension and poor intake of fluids and water.

People who regularly suffer from constipation and diarrhea can get  hemorrhoids. Similarly, chronic sufferers of liver diseases and intestinal  diseases can get hemorrhoids.

People having jobs that entail long hours of sitting or standing could develop  hemorrhoids. People eating more spicy foods or those drinking less water  could suffer from constipation and resultant hemorrhoidal symptoms.

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