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Types of Headaches

by Cornelia Goethe / Jul 19, 2017 / category : headache / 2289 views
Types of Headaches

Types of Headaches

The modern medical establishment recognizes a variety of different types of headache pain. However, before we look at the different kinds of headache, there are two main categories of headache pain that you should be aware of.

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• Primary Headaches - These are the headaches most of us experience on a day-to-day basis. They are called primary headaches because the pain is not a symptom of another physical disorder. Ironically, they are often called “benign” headaches, although headache sufferers would classify them as anything but benign.

• Secondary Headaches - This category of headache includes any headache that is the symptom of another physical disease or disorder. Secondary headaches can be caused by such frightening diseases as aneurysms, blood clots, infections, tumors or a high fever, as well as others.

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In this book, we will only be discussing primary headaches. Secondary headaches require the immediate attention of a doctor in order to treat the condition that is causing the headache. Some of the disorders above can be life-threatening if left unattended. So, please see a doctor if you experience anything similar to the following: headaches accompanied by neurological changes such as weakness, inability to talk, or loss of consciousness; headache pain that becomes progressively worse and is the worst headache you’ve ever experienced; pain that strikes like lightning and is extremely severe; or if you are having to resort to medication on a daily basis.

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