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Tension Type Headaches (TTH)

Tension Type Headaches (TTH)

Tension type headaches

What are they and what are the symptoms?
Tension headaches or tension type headaches as they were renamed in the first edition of the ICHD in 1998 are by far the most common form of headache, with some estimates suggesting that as high as 90% of all headaches suffered by people anywhere in the world fall into this category.

tension type headache 2

Tension type headaches are further broken down into two subcategories, episodic and chronic. The first of these would be defined as tension type headaches that occur on less than 15 days in every month, whereas any headaches that occur more regularly than this over a period of at least six months would fall into the chronic category.

With a tension type headache, the pain can radiate from the eyes, neck, back or indeed from any other muscles in the upper body. The pain is often described as being one of constant pressure, something that feels as if your head is trapped in a vice or between two bricks and it is relatively common for the pain to be felt on both sides of the head at the same time as well. This is known as suffering from bilateral pain.

tension type headache 3

Most commonly, a tension type headache is likely to range from relatively mild to moderately painful but sometimes, the pain can become severe or even extremely severe.

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Tension Type Headaches (TTH)

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