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Relaxation Techniques: Meditation and Visualization

by Biene Maja / Feb 25, 2017 / category : headache / 10795 views
Relaxation Techniques: Meditation and Visualization

Relaxation Techniques: Meditation and Visualization

Another drug-free method of treating headaches is to practice relaxation techniques to help relax your muscles and clear your mind of stress. Some people find techniques such as meditation and creative visualization to be quite helpful in stopping a headache.

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Meditation is one relaxation technique that has been studied for migraines. In the study, participants who meditated reported experiencing fewer migraines than people who did not meditate.

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Many religions practice some form of meditation, so there are many different types of meditation. However, they all share a common goal: to help the participant learn to focus their attention entirely in the present moment. By living life one moment at a time, much of the stress that triggers headaches can be avoided or diminished.

Although meditation can be part of religious practice for some people, it certainly does not have to be. Many people practice meditation simply to gain greater mental discipline and better control over their thoughts, or to relieve stress.

Visualization and Guided Imagery

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Visualization and guided imagery are powerful relaxation techniques. Like meditation, they rely on harnessing the power of the mind to heal the body. However, the difference between meditation and using guided imagery is that meditation is about clearing your mind completely. With guided imagery, on the other hand, instead of clearing your mind, you focus on a set of healing images.

For example, some people visualize standing in front of a giant medicine cabinet, choosing a bottle from the cabinet, and taking a pill. The idea is that simply imagining taking a headache pill that you know will work causes the body to behave as if under the influence of the imaginary medication. Thus, your headache goes away.

Another sample guided imagery technique is to imagine your headache as a ball of red light that fills up the inside of your skull. If your head is pounding, imagine the light pulsing in time with your pain.

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Now, imagine that your hands are producing a gentle azure light, like starlight. Bring your hands up to your head, placing them wherever the pain is most intense. Imagine the cool starlight from your hands chasing away the hot red light in your head, and you should feel your pain diminish along with the red light.

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