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How to Fight Chronic Daily Headaches

by Fred Dekker / Sep 24, 2017 / category : headache / 5533 views
How to Fight Chronic Daily Headaches

How to Fight Chronic Daily Headaches

If you have chronic daily headaches, your treatment will have two goals; to prevent future attacks and to relieve your headache.

chronic tension headaches 2

Prevention includes the taking of prescribed drugs, avoiding or minimizing the causes of your chronic daily headaches, and learning such self-help measures as biofeedback or relaxation exercises. If your doctor suggests prescription drugs, make sure you understand the side effects. Also, be aware that it may take several weeks for these medications to become effective. This means you need to be patient and cooperate with your doctor as he or she works to help you find the best treatment.

How you are treated for these headaches will depend on which type of headache you have - such as whether medication overuse is contributing to your headaches. For example, if you are taking pain relievers more than two days each week, the first step in your treatment may be to stop using these drugs.

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