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Foods That Cause Headaches

by Cornelia Goethe / May 14, 2016 / category : headache / 1693 views
Foods That Cause Headaches

Is gluten your problem?
Gluten is a protein that is found in many grain staple foodstuffs such as rye, barley and wheat. Consequently, gluten is a constituent part of bread and many other similar products, although it is not present in all grain foodstuffs, as corn, buckwheat and oats are gluten free.

Some people suffer a condition known as celiac disease or syndrome, a condition that is often known as a gluten intolerance meaning that their body cannot process gluten properly.

foods that trigger migraines 2

Over the years, many studies have indicated that celiac disease is a condition that many migraine patients suffer from, so there is a clear link between people who suffer regular migraine headaches and the presence of gluten in their diet. Consequently, if persistent migraine headaches are your problem, it may be that you are gluten intolerant and that cutting foodstuffs that contain gluten from your diet may be the solution to your problem.

It is believed that the problem for celiac disease sufferers is that they’re gluten intolerance causes inflammation of the central nervous system as indicated by studies carried out using MRI scans on patients who suffer from this particular condition. Of these individuals, many suffer migraine and other forms of headaches, presumably as a result of this inflammation and once these people switch to a gluten free diet, the information abated and their problems ceased.

foods that trigger migraines 3

Another study has indicated that migraine sufferers are 10 times more likely to suffer from celiac disease as well, so the connection between gluten intolerance and headaches is clear.

Furthermore, in the same study, it was demonstrated that adopting a gluten free diet improved blood flow to the brain of the patients in question, which either removed migraine problems completely or lessened the severity and longevity of their migraine attacks.

All of the evidence clearly points to the fact that adopting a gluten free diet is often highly effective for anyone who suffers regular headaches to lessen the severity or even get rid of their problem completely. This is particularly true of migraine sufferers, although if you are a chronic sufferer of any kind of headache, you might want to consider adopting a gluten free diet, because the chances are very good that doing so will help you.

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