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Natural Cure for Headache

Many different cure options are available for the different types of headaches. Medical treatments can include drugs and even surgery in severe cases. Many drugs have proven effective, but for some people they do not offer the desired relief. Also, many drugs have side effects. Natural cures can be used either instead of drugs for people who are unwilling to use them, or in conjunction with traditional medical treatment. Here is a look at some popular non-drug approaches to curing headaches.

Naturally Cure Your Headaches
Behavioral Changes To Reduce Headaches
Foods That Cause Headaches
Hypnotherapy as a Headache Cure
Acupuncture or Acupressure Cure Your Headaches
Massage Therapy for Headaches
Other Natural Solutions for Headaches
Medical Treatments for Headaches
Herbal Remedies
Relaxation Techniques: Meditation and Visualization
Hot and Cold Therapy
Preventing Headaches

Stop Headaches

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