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A Headache Diary

by Michael Crichton / Feb 13, 2018 / category : headache / 148 views
A Headache Diary

A Headache Diary

Before you see your doctor you should keep  track of your headaches with a headache diary.

headache diary 2

This can help both of you pinpoint the cause or causes of your headaches.

Information to record in this diary would include “who,” “where,” “when,” and “why.” It might also include“how.”

headache diary 3

The “Who” is who you were with before the headache started, Was it  someone who made you angry or irritated or hurt your feelings,

“What” is what if any medications were you taking to treat the headache,  Were you taking other medications at the time, What symptoms did you  experience in conjunction with the headache,

“Where” is where you were before the headache started, Were you at work  under glaring lights or were there loud noises or fumes, Were you at home  resting after a stressful day,

headache diary 4

The “Why” is why would your headaches start, Did you eat a particular food  or drink something such as alcohol, Did you get enough sleep or more sleep than usual, How about skipping meals, Did you forget breakfast, lunch or  dinner, Or did your headache start after some physical activity,

The “How” is how did the pain feel, Would you describe it as a throbbing  pain, on one side of the head, on both sides of the head, or stretching across  the temples, How do you cope with the headache, Did you have to miss  work, lie down and rest, or, like me, spend time sitting in a dark room,

You should probably begin to keep this diary for at least several weeks before  you see a doctor. This diary can help your doctor not only diagnose your  headaches, but also find patterns of severity and frequency.

headache diary 5

You should keep your diary even after you have seen your doctor as it is  important for him or her to be able to see changes in your headaches,  especially those that have occurred because of your response to a new  therapy.

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