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What Your Skin Does

by Emilie Mayer / Jul 03, 2016 / category : acne / 6533 views
What Your Skin Does

Your skin is not just the ‘case’ that stops the rest of your body leaking out!

Indeed, the skin is in fact the largest organ of the human body. Of course, everyone wants their skin to stay looking young and healthy, so the onset of acne can be a terrible shock.

 acne skin 2

The skin is a complex and highly dynamic ‘cover’ for your body, one that is literally changing every second of the day as skin cells die, only to be replaced by new ones in a permanently revolving cycle of old life being rejuvenated by new.

Most importantly, your skin reflects your general state of health, and protects you against the invasion of foreign infections and toxins. It also allows the body to pass the toxins that inevitably congregate inside it to be passed to the outside safely and efficiently. So, your skin is definitely worthy of a great deal of care and attention.

 acne skin 3

However, no matter how much care and attention you lavish upon your skin, it is virtually impossible to entirely prevent the onset of acne if you are predisposed to the condition in some way.

That does not, however, suggest that you are entirely powerless in the fight against this debilitating and harmful medical condition.

 acne skin 4

Let us begin by looking at the various types or stages of acne that people suffer from, before addressing what they you do about fighting back against it.

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