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What Causes Acne And Why Do We Get Acne

by Michael Crichton / Aug 15, 2016 / category : acne / 6364 views
What Causes Acne And Why Do We Get Acne

Acne occurs when the hair follicles of the upper trunk and head become blocked at the same time as producing excess oil from the sebaceous glands.

The blockage is most commonly caused by a combination of dead skin cells that have not been purged from the body efficiently, and dirt.

 causes of acne on face 2

This, combined with the oil, blocks the pore (the hair follicle opening) at the surface of the skin and then bacteria attack the trapped oil mass, forming a mass that eventually results in the pore becoming blocked. This is known as a comedone (a blackhead, which is the most common acne related lesion, is a microcomedone).

If the blockage stays below the skin, it results in a whitehead, while if it erupts onto the surface of the skin, it causes a blackhead.

 causes of acne on face 3

As most people will know, the most common time in a person’s life for acne to attack is in the teens when the onset of puberty leads to an over-production of oils from the sebaceous glands, allied to over-active skin cell production. However, acne can also result from menstruation or the onset of the menopause in woman.

Yet, despite the fact that all teenagers pass through this stage of their life, not all of them will develop acne. One of the primary reasons that acne attacks certain people and not others is believed to be hereditary.

 causes of acne on face 4

If your parents, or their parents, suffered from acne, then the chances that you will do so too are that much higher, and there is not a great deal that you can do about it. There are however many things that you can do to lessen the adverse effects of acne, and possibly remove the acne problem altogether.

These should definitely be tried before resorting to drugs like Accutane as a final resort, simply because they are natural and have no unpleasant and detrimental side effects.

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