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Prevent Or Cure Acne : Using Acne Face Creams

by Shane Black / Oct 12, 2016 / category : acne / 10699 views
 Prevent Or Cure Acne : Using Acne Face Creams

There are different types of acne face creams. Use the cream which is best suited for your skin type. Discontinue it if you find even the slightest rash or allergy.

Apply cream after cleansing your face in the morning. Of course, you can use it again at noon and at night. These creams can be above or beneath your make up, but it produces the best results on a clean face.

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Dip the applicator into the cream; place the cream on your face and spread. Allow the cream to penetrate your skin through gentle massage. The curative vitamin A and E oils of these creams seal skin pores and protect natural skin moisture. The minerals nullify the effects of toxic acids, clean off old and dead skin and make your face glow with increased radiance. The application of such creams may cause a stinging sensation in acne. This vanishes within seconds and further itchiness may be reduced.

Add a few drops of Borage oil, Teatree oil or Neptune Krill Oil to your face cream to increase its effectiveness against acne. These oils fight against bacteria and fungus. Some of them contain omega-3, EPA and DHA, which help to control excess production of sebum and androgens.

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