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Prevent Or Cure Acne : Relieving Your Constipation

by K. Brown / Apr 17, 2016 / category : acne / 8701 views
 Prevent Or Cure Acne : Relieving Your Constipation

A clean colon reflects on your acne and blemish-free face. Colonic toxins increase the incidence of acne. Normally, you should have two bowel movements daily. Develop normal bowels by cleaning present residue in your colon.

Such cleaning may be possible by following a three-day fruit juice fast and then by including more natural foods in your daily diet. Consult your Doctor before starting and follow their advice as to whether this sort of plan is safe for you and whether it could help you.

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While you fast, your body elimination rate increases through kidneys, skin, lungs, and liver. The intake of juices during a fast carries off dead and unwanted body wastes. Plenty of salad and two apples the day before you fast may help to clean colon walls of fecal matter.

Start the first day of your fast with an 8 oz glass of prune juice every ten minutes for half an hour. Then drink two 8 oz glasses of apple juice after twenty and thirty minutes. Continue drinking 8 oz of apple juice each hour until five in the evening. Additionally, eat around six apples. This process should help to clean your colon thoroughly.

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If you have no bad effects, you may continue your fast on the second and third days by drinking a combination of fruit and vegetable juices and eating two to six apples.

After your fast, eat soft and gentle foods initially to help your system adjust to solid food.

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