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Prevent Or Cure Acne : Keeping Your Face Clean

by Justice Smith / Apr 19, 2017 / category : acne / 8645 views
 Prevent Or Cure Acne :  Keeping Your Face Clean

A clean face keeps acne at bay. Follow these tips to keep your face clean and acne-free -

1 Use only Glycerin or Castile soap to wash your face. Do not wash your face excessively with ordinary soaps as most contain harmful chemicals, which dry out natural face oils and make it dry. These dangerous chemicals may also enter your blood and put excessive pressure on your liver.

 acne face 2

2 Stop using different types of face cosmetics as chemicals present in them, like Lanolin, Parabens, Mineral oil and Propylene Glycol may close skin pores.

3 Do not to touch, or rest your face on palms, arms or hands, as this spreads bacteria and increases acne.

 acne face 3

4 Although it is best to avoid make-up, you can use water-based make-up if it is necessary. Check for skin reactions, if any.

5 Never scratch or pick pores as this may leave scars.

 acne face 4

6 Pat a hot towel on your face two or three times a week to cleanse it of toxic material and increase blood circulation.

7 Use a clean pillowcase every night. This action alone can reduce the incidence and severity of acne.

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