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Myths And Misinformation About Acne

by Cornelia Goethe / Feb 06, 2018 / category : acne / 385 views
Myths And Misinformation About Acne

There are many myths regarding acne. Knowledge is the cure.

Myth: Acne occurs due to insufficient washing of the face.

 about acne 2

Fact: Acne occurs due to dirt and bacteria but you can keep your face sufficiently clean by gently  washing it twice a day. Excessive washing removes too much oil from your face. This stimulates  oil secretion by your sebaceous glands which may cause more acne.

Myth: Avoid Oily Food, Chocolate or Caffeine

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Fact: Although there is no medical proof for specific diets and acne, certain foods seem to  encourage acne in certain people. Hence, you need to note if you suffer from any specific  allergies or are sensitive to specific kinds of food. Some people are sensitive to iodized foods  while others are sensitive to protein-rich foods.

Myth: Acne vanishes if you leave it untreated

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Fact: The early treatment of acne prevents further spreading. Successful early treatment removes  most chances of scarring. Sometimes (rarely), acne will vanish when left untreated, unwashed  and ill-fed. Go figure!

Myth: Intake of lots of water clears acne

Fact: Sufficient water intake keeps you healthy and is a minor constituent of acne cure. Just  drinking huge quantities of water cannot cure your acne.

Myth: Higher than recommended medicinal dosages results in better and faster acne cure  Fact: Medicines in larger dosages do not offer extra cure or relief from acne. Taking medicines,  etc in more than prescribed dosages is dangerous.

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Myth: Basking in Sunshine cures acne

Fact: Sunbathing for short intervals dries up excess oils but it does not work as a long-term relief  from acne. Rather, excessive exposure to the sun is harmful and increases acne due to severe    drying of the skin.

Myth: Acne affects only teenagers

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Fact: Acne is a common occurrence among teenagers. However, many adults in their forties also  face acne outbreaks. For some, acne problems are present throughout their lives.

Myth: Picking acne cures it

Fact: Picking at acne spreads bacteria and causes more acne. Besides, such picking can leave  behind permanent scars.

Myth: Excess sex causes acne.

Fact: Although sex releases hormones, there is no medical proof connecting sex and sebum  production, which is the main cause for acne.

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