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Homeopathic Acne Treatment

by Justice Smith / Aug 15, 2016 / category : acne / 4551 views
Homeopathic Acne Treatment

The idea behind all homeopathic medical treatments is that no condition can or should be viewed in isolation, and that curing people of anything is dependent on attacking the root cause of the problem at the source. It is all about treating the whole person, making them completely well in every way, rather than just attacking one medical condition on its own in the way that a normal medical attendant would.

Furthermore, homeopathic treatment methods generally rely on encouraging the body to heal itself, rather than using invasive practices (such as surgery) or aggressive medicines and potions.

 homeopathic acne treatment 2

Adopting a homeopathic approach to the treatment of acne is therefore an extremely safe and effective treatment option. For this reason, it is easy to understand why there is growing popularity for homeopathic acne solutions. While this method of attacking acne enjoys variable levels of success – it works for some people, but not for others (usually those who are most severely affected) - this growing popularity is largely based on the fact that there are few or indeed no side effects.

Using homeopathic methods to treat acne is no more likely to generate immediate results than it is for any other medical condition. Homeopathy is a form of treatment that takes time to work, and there is no getting around that fact.

 homeopathic acne treatment 3

The advantage of homeopathy, however, is that addresses all medical problems as symptoms rather than causes in themselves, and thus takes into account all aspects of an individual’s health and general wellness before coming up with answers. This is as true of homeopathic treatment for acne as it is of any other condition, as acne treatment using homeopathic methods primarily focuses on the root cause of the condition rather than trying to treat the complaint at ‘skin level’.

This is the reason why it is likely that a good homeopath may seem concerned about other aspects of your life that are apparently totally unconnected to your acne. They may, for example, ask about whether you suffer from stress as a part of your daily routine, and of course, as we have already established that your family history is an important contributory factor, they will most likely query you about that as well.

 homeopathic acne treatment 4

They will most probably want to know about your life in general and all about the environment that you work, live or study in, before he decides on the best form of treatment for you.

He may prescribe some form of homeopathic medicine comprised of naturally occurring compounds such as:

• graphite;
• silicea;
• hepar sulfuricum;
• calendula;
• kali brichomicum; or
• sulphur.

One point that you will often see raised by companies that make conventional drugs and medicines is that homeopathic medicines comprised of compounds and elements such as these have generally not been subjected to extensive clinical and scientific testing. And, while this is to a large extent true, it is a fact that certain homeopathic ‘cures’ do seem to have beneficial effects for many sufferers from acne without any adverse side effects.

 homeopathic acne treatment 5

Homeopathy addresses acne as an outward sign or a manifestation that there is a deeper problem that needs dealing with. For that reason, you will never hear a homeopath prescribe ointments or creams, because this is only tackling the problem at the most superficial surface level, which is definitely not what homeopathy is all about.

The secret of homeopathy is that it adopts an entirely holistic approach, and views the whole person (the patient) both inside and out when they are seeking a cure or appropriate treatment for any condition that you have. It is all about discovering the root of your problems, rather than scratching at the surface. That is why it is extremely unlikely that a homeopath will treat what is, for you, a debilitating and scarring condition (both mentally and physically) as just another case of a few pimples!

So, taking advantage of the services of a homeopath is a great option for treating your acne, although you should accept that it is not going to be successful in every case. Nevertheless, because homeopathy targets the root cause of your acne, even if it does not cure it completely, it is extremely unlikely to do you any harm, and there is likely to be a complete lack of unpleasant side effects as well.

 homeopathic acne treatment 6

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