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Herbal Remedies To Be Applied

by Jane Sterling / Feb 01, 2018 / category : acne / 579 views
Herbal Remedies To Be Applied

Not all natural herbal remedies are to be taken internally, although all  of the Chinese medicines that we looked at earlier are. Another one  that is taken by mouth is one which can help pre-empt the skin  inflammation that is most commonly associated with acne. This is  made up of equal proportions of herbal extracts taken from  sarsaparilla, cleavers, yellow dock and burdock root.

These herbs are thought to be strong blood and lymph cleansing  agents, and half a teaspoon of this blend three times every day should  have a beneficial effect, especially when it is combined with a healthy  diet such as that we looked at in a previous chapter.

 herbal remedies for acne 2

Other natural herbal treatments can be used as creams and potions  that are applied to the effected areas of the skin as a way of reducing  the acne-induced inflammation.

This is a particularly effective tactic when combined with the  application of a warm compress to the skin beforehand, as this serves  to open the skin pores, which gives the herbal remedy the best chance  of working its healing powers on the affected skin area.

 herbal remedies for acne 3

We have already suggested that garlic, lemon juice and potatoes  applied to the skin can help in reducing the worst effects of acne.  There are a few more commonly used herbal acne remedies, although  it should be noted that the effectiveness of using these treatments  varies from person to person, and will depend to at least some extent  on the severity of the acne that the sufferer has.

The worse the condition is, the more draconian and aggressive the  method of treatment adopted is probably going to have to be. Using  herbal remedies could never be described as aggressive, and so, while  they all merit trying (there is nothing to lose, after all, as there are no  side effects), there is no guarantee that they will work in any  individual case.

 herbal remedies for acne 4

Red clover root can be applied to infected skin areas because it  exhibits certain steroidal properties, which means that it is very  effective for reducing swelling and inflammation. In a similar fashion,  poke root and echinacea are sought after because of their antiinflammatory  characteristics, as are raw papaya and fresh mint.

All of these are effective antidotes to the inflammation and swellings  caused by acne.

Other combinations of herbs that can be externally applied to affected  areas after the application of a warm compress which are known to  work well for some people are:

• ground orange peel in water;
 • nutmeg powder with fresh (unboiled) milk;
 • ground ginger with milk;  
 • lemon juice with cinnamon;
 • honey and cinnamon;  
 • boiled neem leaves;
 • salt and vinegar; and  
 • turmeric and vinegar paste.

 herbal remedies for acne 5

Herbs like chamomile, bergamot, juniper, dandelion root and witch  hazel are all known to possess excellent astringent qualities too.

This means that they can be applied to the skin with a little water in  order to thoroughly clean the skin, thereby reducing the surface dirt  and toxicity, which then improves the general condition of the  sufferers skin in turn.

Herbal ‘tea’ paste

 herbal remedies for acne 6

Combine the following ingredients together into a paste and apply to  the infected areas of the skin:

• 2 parts Dandelion Root;
 • 2 parts Red Clover;
• 1 part Alfalfa leaf;
• 1 part Echinacea root;
• 1/2 part Capsicum.

It is known to work wonders for some people, so give it a go, because  there is nothing to lose by doing so – obviously there are no sideeffects  – and everything to potentially gain by doing so.

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