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Factors Which Aggravate Acne

by Simon Lee / Jan 25, 2016 / category : acne / 6389 views
 Factors Which Aggravate Acne

Some of the factors that can aggravate acne are -

Genetic Factors - If a person’s parents had severe acne, they may also suffer bad acne.

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Stress- Like a lot of other health problems, acne also may be caused by severe stress.

Hormonal Factors - If a person has a high level of androgenic hormones, due to any of the following reasons, it may lead to acne.

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- Enzyme deficiency

- Polycystic ovaries

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- Excessive corticosteroids

- Certain medicines

Clothes or other equipment rubbing against the body - Wearing tight straps, headbands, chinstraps, turtleneck sweaters or bra straps may make acne worse. Wearing equipment like helmets, shoulder pads, or holding a violin between your chin and neck may also make the acne get worse.

- Using harsh soap or very hot water may also aggravate acne.

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- Rubbing your face too often or too hard can make the acne get worse.

- Sweating too much may also be an aggravating factor.

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