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Acne And Zinc

by Cornelia Goethe / Feb 04, 2018 / category : acne / 213 views
Acne And Zinc

I suggested earlier that zinc is effective for countering the worst  effects of acne, and that is perfectly true. However, that is not the full  story, and there are other considerations that you need to be aware  of.

Zinc is extremely important to your body because it plays a critical role  in more than 300 enzymatic reactions that take place naturally.

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It also is extremely important for the effective functioning of your  immune system, because without the correct amounts of zinc in your  system, several things can start to go wrong. For instance, your white  blood cell count drops dramatically and the production of what are  known as T-killer cells falls away drastically as well.

Both of these damage the immune system of your body, seriously  reducing your ability to fight disease and sickness. That is why zinc  can be used so effectively to reduce the duration and severity of  several common sicknesses, including the common cold, as well as  acne.

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In an ideal world, all of the zinc that you need would be taken in as  part of your normal daily diet from such apparently zinc-rich foods as  fish, red meat, legumes, egg yolks, soy products and whole grains.  However, modern farming methods have managed to dramatically  reduce the amount of zinc that is actually present in most of these  things nowadays.

Zinc is a mineral that comes from the ground, and so for zinc to be  present in your food, it must have been present in the ground where  that food was grown (or, in the case of eggs and meat, in the feed that  was given to the hens or the beef cattle).

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Modern farming methods (or more correctly, the fact that most land is  over-farmed nowadays) mean that this is not the case, so it is less and  less likely that you can get all of the zinc that you need to help fight  your acne from your daily diet.

However, you should not be discouraged from trying zinc as part of  your anti-acne diet, as it is one of the most effective tools against  acne, and supplementing your diet with additional zinc is pretty cheap  too.

According to the majority of experts, the two types of zinc  supplements that seem to be most effective in the battle against acne  are Zinc gluconate and Zinc monomethionine (sometimes known as  Opti-Zinc).

Of these, most recommend the latter over the former, as it seems to  be the most effective form of zinc when it comes to strengthening your  immune system in the way that it needs, if it is to help in your fight.  You should also understand that there are such things as zinc  inhibitors - other things that you take in that can drastically reduce the  effectiveness of the zinc that you do ingest.

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For example, zinc and copper will fight against one another in your  system for absorption in the gut, and copper almost always wins the  fight! So, if there is excess copper in your body, it does not matter  how much zinc you take in, it is not going to work.

If you drink tap water that is delivered through copper pipes, then  there will be trace elements of copper dumped into your system by  every glass of water that you drink. Similarly, birth control pills are  often rich in copper as well, so if you are taking them, it is far less  likely that zinc is going to help you fight acne, no matter how much  you are taking in.

If, therefore, you are supplementing your diet with zinc and seeing no  beneficial effects, it may well be that copper is winning the battle  between the two minerals inside your body, so you should perhaps  test for copper toxicity. The most accurate method for doing this is a  24-hour urine copper level test that can be carried out by your normal  medical attendant.

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Testing for the levels of copper in your red blood cells may also work,  but testing for copper levels in a hair sample is going to be far less  reliable, because of the potential for external contamination.

If you can find someone who is skilled in a relatively unknown muscle  testing process called applied kinesiology, they should also be capable  of testing for excess levels of copper. In fact, this particular method of  testing is something that you can learn to apply yourself, with a little  practice, so it might be worth finding someone who can help you.

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